Share your story and get a FREE pint glass!


51 for 51 is partnering with Right Proper Brewing to advocate for  D.C. becoming the 51st state with 51 votes in the Senate! More than 700,000 residents living in the nation’s capital don’t have equal representation in Congress. We need Washingtons to use their voice to demand it!


What we need from you: Make a video explaining why D.C. should be the 51st state. Maybe you hate taxation without representation. Maybe you just want D.C. to be able to control its own local laws. Whatever your reasons...


  1. Make a video.

  2. Post in on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #WeAreDC.

  3. Show your post at a Right Proper Brewing location and get a FREE PINT GLASS!

Your video could look something like this:

It's time to give D.C. residents the same rights

as every American by making D.C. a state:


Join other D.C. residents in sharing your story in support of D.C. statehood:

We need YOU to use your voice for D.C. statehood. Fight for democracy and get a free pint glass out of it (while supplies last)!